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Ritesh Agarwal

Quit Job to Start
Doesn't Code
Year of founding:
Current age:
Net worth:

1. Background

Education: (Dropped out)

College: Indian School of Business and Finance

Previous Career: None

2. Origin Story


Though he had enrolled in a Business college to please his parents, Agarwal never actually went to college, as he was too busy hustling and meeting with other entrepreneurs.

The Spark

He dropped out soon, and started life as an entrepreneur when he was just 17, launching his first start‐up Oravel in 2012. Oravel was initially a platform to enable listing and booking of budget accommodation at hotels.

The Pivot

Agarwal got accepted into the Thiel Fellowship for under-20 entrepreneurs with Oravel - he calls it “The best thing that could have happened to me.” Armed with a $100K U.S. grant and access to some of the brightest folks in Silicon Valley, he pivoted to Oyo - a platform that aggregated cheap hotels and standardised quality across them.

3. Other interesting points

- He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and sold SIM cards when he was 13.

4. Quote

"I have no regrets about not completing my college education. My partners in the leadership team complement and supplement my capabilities. I am inspired and guided by what Mark Twain said: “Never let college interfere with your education.""

5. Company growth & sources (links)

Personal Story

How did they grow the company?


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