Project Details

General information

Full Stack JavaScript Developer at a Real Estate Tech Company
NextJS, ReactJS, Redux, Tailwind CSS, Express, AWS
1-2 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a Real Estate Technology company that are building their product and marketing website. So they are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join the team and continue building their MVP.

About the client

The client is a building a product for Real Estate world and are in the process of building the MVP.

Your role

1) You should be able to understand and implement detailed instructions for the UI layouts, backend architecture, and other design features. <br><br> 2) You should also be able to communicate possible design improvements to the product management team. <br><br> 3) You should be collaborative and critical thinker. <br><br> 4) You will work with the team to continue the development of a MVP. <br><br> 5) You should be skilled in modern security practices, including user authentication, user authorization (OAuth 2.0) and encryption of databases (in transit and at rest).

Hiring process

You will be having an interview that consist of Express/Backend Questions, Security Implementation Questions, React Questions, and team-developer culture fit questions.

Other details

1) The client would appreciate if you have experience with Oauth(2.0) <br><br> 2) You are expected to join immediately. <br><br> 3) A successful partnership may result in a long-term working relationship.
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