Project Details

General information

Backend Developer at a Customer Intelligence Platform
Java, GCP/AWS/Azure
6+ months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
This project is with a well-funded Southeast Asian Customer Intelligence Platform looking to integrate and ingest cloud apps data into their platform via API integrations. They need a Java engineer who is an API integration expert and has a deep understanding on building integrations with platforms and data.

About the client

The client has a customer data platform that enable their customers to import their customer data using various connectors to databases, warehouses and applications. As part of that ingestion process, they require API integrations to popular apps like CRM, e-commerce, support, etc.

Your role

1. You should be able to work on complex problems, make design choices, implement those decisions and own modules. <br><br> 2. You should be comfortable to pick up new tools/ technologies that are needed to code the best solution. <br><br> 3. You should be able to display your breadth/ depth of work during the hiring process. <br><br> 4. You would start within a week, understand the architecture and the code structure and then ramp up to work independently on building integrations.

Hiring process

The hiring process would consist of 2 calls- one is a technical call (DS/ Algo problems and live coding) and the other is with the client team.

Other details

1. Prior experience in GCP is great to have. <br><br> 2. Hands-on Java experience is required.
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