Project Details

General information

Backend developer at a Fintech startup
Java, Spring Boot, AWS
6+ months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a well funded Payment platform startup. They are looking for a backend developer to work on two of their critical modules and build features to make their platform highly available and scalable.

About the client

The client is a well funded Fintech startup with a dynamic platform built towards bringing a seamless transaction experience for both merchant and consumer payments. They are looking for a backend developer to build solutions with ecosystem partners like payment networks, payment gateways and banks.

Your role

1. You should be able to work with external payment partners tech solutions, design and integrate them in their current solutions<br><br> 2. You should be able to keep all internal and external stakeholders apprised of the progress of the project and deliver on them timely by providing accurate effort estimates<br><br> 3. You should be able to modify the existing systems to fit in new requirements and accommodate for future use cases and needs<br><br> 4. You should be able to take care of independently solution and execute payment integrations and build capabilities as defined by the product<br><br> 5. You should be able to build critical modules that are highly available and scalable platform systems capable of handling spikes in traffic enabling a lot of business use cases

Hiring process

2 rounds of interviews <br><br> 1. Introductory call with the client POC <br><br> 2. Technical call- Discussion on practical conceptual knowledge and a machine coding round.

Other details

1. Experience with drop wizard is a plus<br><br> 2. Would be great if available to start at the earliest
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