Project Details

General information

Core Mobile Developer at a Vision Based AI Startup
Kotlin/ Swift
3-6 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a Vision Based AI startup that are looking for a Core Mobile Developer to join their team and help them build world-class vision based applications for public and private sector partners to make roadways safer and more efficient.

About the client

The client is based in Israel and their AI delivers the insights and detections for their customers through their unique network of dash cams that powers new applications for driving and seeing the world.

Your role

1. You would work on building an SDK for iOS/ Android from scratch <br><br> 2. You would write code for a multi-threaded environment <br><br> 3. You will maintain clean and high coding standards <br><br> 4. You should be able to quickly zoom in and out of problems, and up and down the stack.

Hiring process

There will be a couple of interview rounds. One with the Team Lead and another with a Tech Lead.

Other details

Advantages – <br> 1. Knowledge in BLE, WiFi, RTSP, video encoding/decoding <br><br> 2. Experience working with micro-controllers and SoC / SoM in Arm architectures <br><br> 3. Experience with different big data tools such as Spark / Hadoop <br><br> 4. Experience with Machine Learning & Computer Vision <br><br>
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