Project Details

General information

Full Stack developer at a US Based online content creator platform startup
NodeJS/ NextJS with Expo, ReactJS/ React Native, SQL, GraphQL
2-3 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a US Based startup that is building a Creator App - where women make money. The product sits halfway between Instagram and OnlyFans. They are looking for a full-stack engineer to help ship the beta version and continue iterating on the product through the public launch.

About the client

The Client is creating a platform, A Creator App - where women make money. Their mission is to empower women to build wealth through content and connection. They’re working on a fairly complex and challenging product, as they’ve built multiple revenue streams for their creators (subscriptions, tips, and micropayments).

Your role

1. You should be a full-stack engineer comfortable working across the entire stack. <br> <br> 2. You would be working mostly in NodeJS/ NextJS with Expo, ReactJS/ React Native, MySQL/PostgreSQL, and Graph QL (through Apollo server and Hasura). <br> <br> 3. You should be comfortable with Git-based workflows, integrating external APIs and services, server-client web development, and testing your work. <br> <br> 4. You should be able to dedicate 4-5 hours of overlap in the ET time zone.

Hiring process

The interview process would have 1 call with their tech team and then a task depending upon your performance.

Other details

Being a social monetization product, some of the features you would be building - <br> 1. Payments systems - Robust webhooks for subscriptions, saved payments flows. <br> 2. Discovery- social feed and features that enhance the user experience. <br> 3. Privacy - DRM, screenshot blocking. <br> 4. Content creation - Tools to enhance the output and productivity of their creators. <br> 5. Onboarding - Simplified and robust user onboarding <br> <br> Prior experience with AWS services such as S3, Tailwind CSS, and Storybook UI is considered a plus.
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