Project Details

General information

React Native developer at a Labor Marketplace Platform
React Native, Firebase
2-3 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a US based client who is building a marketplace to connect light industrial workers with businesses to fill open shifts. They are in need of a React Native developer for building their mobile app for workers to find shifts.

About the client

The client is based out of the US. They are building a labor marketplace app to connect gig workers with flexible open shifts at businesses. They have started to build the app already and the app using Expo, React Native with a Firebase backend.

Your role

1) You will be partnering with their CTO and work closely together to build features like shift exploration, on-shift time tracking, upcoming schedules, user profiles, and Spanish language support.<br><br> 2) You will be involved in developing the Worker Profile, Registration, and Facebook Login integrated with Firebase Auth.<br><br> 3) You will continually improve code quality, performance and reliability in the product.<br><br>

Hiring process

You will be having a technical interview with the CTO.

Other details

1) The client would appreciate if you have experience in Expo.<br><br> 2) You would be expected to join immediately.
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