Project Details

General information

Lead Backend Engineer at an EdTech startup
Java, Microservices, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka
3-6 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The Saudi Arabian startup funded by Emaar has been in the industry for ~6 years and has recently launched a product for K12 students in India. They need a senior engineer who has prior experience building B2C apps built for millions of users to join their team to lead the backend development and work on a monthly fee basis for the next 3-6 months.

About the client

The client is in the Edtech space and has a tech team based in Bangalore. They have built a Classroom module - the place where teachers and students can interact. Voice packets, chat packets, drawing packets, and a lot of other content is transacted for 1000s of users.

Your role

You would work with their team to handle & lead the backend development<br><br> You would collaborate with product and application teams to come up with the platform requirements.<br><br> You would take architectural decisions & work on building the systems end-to-end.<br><br> You would build frameworks and core platform services that will be leveraged by the application team.<br><br> You would work toward solving & optimizing discovery problems like recommendations, search systems etc.<br><br> You would work closely with operations and infrastructure to optimize and fine-tune systems for speed, robustness, and cost-efficiency.<br><br> You would help build the distributed social learning graph which can handle a high volume of traffic.<br><br> You would plan for the future by clearly communicating the cost-benefit of a given solution and advocating the best path forward.<br><br> You would operate in a fast-moving environment, make quick decisions and execute fiercely to deliver outcomes.<br><br>

Hiring process

2 rounds of technical discussion with their POCs.

Other details

The client would appreciate if you have prior experience on GoLang, AWS, and exposure to indexing systems like Solr, Elastic.
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