Project Details

General information

Senior iOS developer at a Health-tech startup
iOS (Swift)
6+ months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a client building a mobile app focused on healthy living. They are currently looking for an iOS developer who is proficient in Swift & Algorithms to join their core team to ramp up the pace of work. You would be working with the CTO (who has built the Android app till now over the last 12 months)

About the client

The client has a mobile app in a space similar to Headspace/ Calm. They currently have an MVP which was received very well on their launch. Now, because of their rapidly increasing userbase, they are looking to cater to the iOS audience as well and build modules to accommodate scalability. As a part of their future product roadmap, they would prefer someone with a Kotlin Multi Platform experience.

Your role

1. You will be working on their iOS application adhering to Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines.<br> 2. You would be making product-level decisions with the team.<br> 3. You will be working independently on modules and shipping features.<br> 4. You would work on Push Notification APIs with the team and implement Cloud messaging.<br> 4. You would be making both system and UI design decisions while working with the founders.<br> 5. You would work in an environment where people are interested in making a positive social change through technology.<br>

Hiring process

An Interview with the co-founder/ CTO followed by a paid task.

Other details

1. Prior work experience with early-stage startups & experience as a remote team lead would be a big plus.<br> 2. Experience with Kotlin Multi Platform would be a big big plus.<br> 3. The client would appreciate if you have knowledge of UIKit, Dependency Injection, & Firebase Firestore.
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