Project Details

General information

Senior React Developer at a Virtual Events startup
3-6 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a client who owns a virtual events startup that helps in conducting summits, meetups & workshops for communities & enterprises. They want a React engineer to join their team for the foreseeable future and work on a monthly fee model.

About the client

The client has platform for virtual events, summits, meetups & workshops for communities & enterprises. They have a fully remote team and have raised funds from marquee investors. You would be an integral part of the team for the next few months.

Your role

1. You would be working with their team on the frontend modules of their platform. <br> 2. You should open to collaborating with more than one team if required.<br> 3. You would be taking product level decisions while working with Founder/ Head of Engineering.<br> 4. You will work with the team on certain frontend modules of their platform like live-experience, Pre and Post event experience, Platform Teams, etc.<br> 5. They would expect you work for 40+ hours per week.<br>

Hiring process

A couple of technical discussions which would contain conceptual questions on React/ JS as well and also a live coding session on small UI component in ReactJS.

Other details

The client would appreciate if you have prior experience with working on similar kind of projects.
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