Project Details

General information

Senior Fullstack Developer at a Consumer Internet startup
NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native
3 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a client building a social music app. They are looking for a seasoned full-stack engineer to work alongside their CTO to help build and manage their entire web and mobile infrastructure.

About the client

The client is a US-based startup (founded by Harvard & MIT grads). They are working a one-of-a-kind music app which is mostly functional. They are looking for a developer (full-stack JavaScript) to work on the implementation and refinement of the overall web experience & mobile app.

Your role

1. You will work on implementing "Pixel-perfect" designs of their approved user interface<br> 2. You will ensure the entire stack is designed and built for speed and scalability<br> 3. You will integrate the app's front-end UI with the constructed API<br> 4. Work on design and implementation of continuous integration and deployment<br>

Hiring process

Interview with their CTO and a paid task if needed.

Other details

Prior experience with StorybookJS, GraphQL (Hasura), NextJS, Git, and Atom Design would be appreciated.
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