Project Details

General information

Senior Kotlin Developer at a Mobility Solutions Company
Kotlin Multi-Platform, iOS, Android
1-2 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The client is a leader in mobility solutions in India and has a FinTech mobile app. You would be working with their Head of Product Engineering on a project that involves development of a cross-platform mobile app

About the client

The client, based in India, is a leader in mobility solutions that spans mobile finance, content, infotainment, customer value management, messaging, mobile data and managed VAS services.

Your role

1. You would primarily develop their root app using Kotlin Multiplatform <br><br> 2. You would then configure it with Android and iOS and work on their microapp's features <br><br> 3. You would also Integrate the app to the backend using REST APIs <br><rb> 4. You will deploy it on Android and iOS so that only UI needs to be overridden in native

Hiring process

Interview with the Head of Product Engineering and a paid task if needed after the call.

Other details

Past work on hybrid apps/ Kotlin would be a great-to-have.
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