Project Details

General information

React Native Developer at a FinTech startup
React Native
3 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with an Indian client, a fintech startup, that has a market-leading pay-later platform for purchases. They are looking for a React Native developer to join their remote-first team to work on UI changes and specific critical modules that will be integrated with the core platform.

About the client

The client, a well-funded fintech startup, based in India has a market leading pay-later platform and is a one-stop app for all purchases. They have a mobile app in which specific modules need to be added where their remote-first engineering team needs a full-time dedicated engineer to work with them over the next 3 months.

Your role

1. You would be working remotely on critical modules and UI changes.<br><br> 2. You would start improvising and executing after getting onboarding in 10 days.<br><br> 3. You would receive designs from the team and would be in touch with backend engineers regarding APIs written in Golang.<br><br> 4. You would working as a remote engineer with their product and engineering teams.<br><br> 5. You would be working dedicatedly with the team on a monthly fee model.

Hiring process

1 round of technical conversation with Lead Engineer regarding architectural patterns, testing, troubleshooting, discussion about React Native, JS/TS, and Mobile fundamentals<br><br> 1 round of coding which has a general problem-solving question to evaluate hands-on and problem-solving skills.

Other details

1. Prior hands-on experience working on either of Android/ iOS/ Flutter would be a good to have.<br> 2. You should be able to onboard swiftly (in ~10 days) and be able to improvise and execute.<br> 3. It would be a monthly fee compensation model with you dedicating full-time bandwidth to the project on all working days.<br> 4. 1+ year experience working remotely and experience with an early-stage startup is good to have.<br>
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