Project Details

General information

Founding Product Designer with an Australian Social Commerce Startup
Product Design, User Research, Protoyping
3-6 months
20 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a client building their Social Commerce platform and need a product designer to join them as a part of their founding team. The team is looking to redefine the experience of online shopping for users by keeping it at an intersection of social, entertainment, and rewards. They are looking for a UX designer who also has some experience with UI to help refine their existing proposition (other details below).

About the client

The client is an Australia-based startup building a Social Commerce platform funded by a top accelerator. They have an MVP which is being loved by their users and are looking to iteratively build the product by implementing your inputs, testing them with real users, and then iterating again and so forth. <br><br> Their shoppers are, in the first instance, Gen Z and Millennials - super aware folks who believe in paying for good value and have grown up in an online first world that is inherently social.

Your role

1. You would be working as the founding product designer and building the interactive shopping portal where one can hang out with other people and shop together on other stores.<br><br> 2. Evaluate, test, and iterate on the current product experience & collaboratively brainstorm and evolve future features with the team.<br><br> 3. Create detailed user flows, product maps, wireframes, prototypes etc. based on requirements gathered from users.<br><br> 4. Build prototypes to describe interactions and user interface. They need not be pixel perfect, but should be high fidelity mock-ups (preferably on Figma) for the team to develop.<br><br> 5. Iterate and offer versions based on design critique from peers or from learnings found in user testing or feature response.<br><br> 6. Capture all states, edge-cases, “unhappy paths” and path logic for visual UI design and engineering teams to build out.<br><br> 7. You would be working remotely with the client's tech team (partly based in Australia and partly in India)

Hiring process

1. Interview with the team to discuss past work, current product, and how you approach problems.<br><br> 2. Design exercise - will need you to show business and design acumen on current product problems faced by the team.<br><br> 3. Interview/ Meeting with rest of the co-founders.<br><br> 4. Start work with the team within a week of Step 1.

Other details

The team would appreciate if you have:<br> 1. Experience designing UX for native consumer-facing apps; interactive games, e-commerce or entertainment focussed products.<br> 2. Past work with Figma, so familiarity would be helpful for us to iterate on any designs.<br>
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