Project Details

General information

Python developer at a Digital Signature startup
Python, Flask, FastAPI
3 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a client who is building an eSignature startup. They are currently working on launching their MVP and are looking for a Python developer to join their team and help them build the backend of their app

About the client

The client is an early-stage startup based out of Saudi Arabia. They are building an app to cryptographically sign, seal, and validate documents. They want to launch their MVP in the next couple of months. You would be working with their in-house devs to ramp up the pace of development.

Your role

1. You would build a highly available, scalable, secure Restful API that aligns with the client's business needs<br><br> 2. You would work closely with the team to write, test, and debug the application's backend. <br><br> 3. You would write scalable code and meticulously maintain the documentation.

Hiring process

The hiring process would involve a technical discussion with the client POC

Other details

The client would appreciate it if you have prior knowledge of FastAPI, Python ORM, SQL database (SQLAlchemy), PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS Services, Prometheus & Oauth server. Previous development experience at an early-stage startup is highly appreciated. <br><br> Here's a test case for you to solve so that you get a feeler of the kind of work you might be doing<br><br> Write and document a restful API endpoint (/api/v1/user) using Flask or FastAPI where:<br> <ol> <li>SQLAlchemy is used to create the “user” table with email, password, full name, id columns.</li> <li>/api/v1/user support (GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE)</li> <li><ul> <li>GET: return a single user in json.</li> <li>POST: create a single user in the database.</li> <li>PATCH: update the user full name only ( for simplicity )</li> <li>DELETE: delete a single user.</li></ul></li> <li>Write test cases for your functions that runs using pytest.</li> </ol>
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