Project Details

General information

Backend Developer at a Customer Experience Company
2-3 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a client who is looking for a Backend NodeJS Engineer to develop an app/utility and host it on AWS that will integrate their proprietary SaaS platform and Netsuite ERP.

About the client

The client is an Australian Customer Experience (CX) firm that provides testing solutions for the enterprise market. Their services are delivered with the help of a propriety SaaS platform.

Your role

1. You will work hand-in-hand with their Go-to-Market Operations teams and in-house development teams based in Australia throughout the development pipeline.<br> 2. You will produce high quality, well documented software artifacts such that the team could use the details later too.<br> 3. You will develop an app/ utility that will sit between their Netsuite ERP and SaaS platform to integrate the two and automatically provision a new account or existing account on their SaaS platform upon notification from and according to details provided by our Netsuite ERP. <br> 4. You will develop it as a standalone application that sits separate to their SaaS platform and hosted on AWS. It is anticipated that the application will leverage the Netsuite API service and their platform’s REST API service.

Hiring process

An interview with their VP (Customer Experience) following which they would share the Product Requirement Documentation to align on time estimates

Other details

The client would appreciate if you have prior experience with either ExpressJS, Hapi or KOA and Netsuite ERP
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