Project Details

General information

Azure Data Engineer at a UK-based consultancy firm
Azure Data Factory, ARM templates, Python Scripting, PowerBI/ Tableau/ Plotly
3 months
20 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a client who is looking for an Azure Data Engineer / Business Intelligence Specialist who can support their data analytics services and work with their business units across timezones.

About the client

The client is a UK based firm that provides health, risk, safety, and social consulting and sustainability-related services to their enterprise clients. They are building digital products for their clients and need an expert to work with them.

Your role

1. You would primarily work on developing Data Model and Data extraction routines on Azure.<br><br> 2. You would apply analytical methods on real-time data and large datasets on Azure to discover information that can result in business process optimization, enhancements, and actionable business decisions.<br><br> 3. You would build data pipelines and apply data transformations for batch and real-time messaging systems.<br><br> 4. You would help assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gather techniques.<br><br> 5. You would work with the team on various aspects of Data transformations and Data Modelling.<br><br> 6. You would enhance data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems.<br><br>

Hiring process

A technical call with their Lead Data Architect.

Other details

The client would appreciate if you have previously worked on Azure IOT framework and Data Streaming.
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