Project Details

General information

React Native Developer at an audio Social Media Startup
React Native, Firebase
1-2 months
20 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a US-based client (founded by 2-young entrepreneurs working at Snap) who is building an audio-based social media app. They are looking for a React Native developer to join their team and work on getting the app launch-ready.

About the client

The client is based out of the US and have a 3 member team now. They are building a social media app where people can record audio files, apply filters and post them. They are looking to get the first version ready at the earliest and would love to have a React Native developer working with them to ramp up the pace of work.

Your role

1. You would work closely with their team and work towards getting the app launch-ready.<br><br> 2. You would work on fixing bugs in the existing modules and also work on new modules.<br><br> 3. You would work on the UI and features such as sign-up using mobile verification and media upload etc.<br><br> 4. You would also work on features such as audio file recording, trimming and modulation.

Hiring process

A couple of technical discussions with the Co-Founders.

Other details

The client would appreciate it if you have prior experience working on social media apps and can overlap with EST timezone.
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