Project Details

General information

Senior React Engineer at an Australian startup
ReactJS, Firebase
6+ months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with an Australian startup that are building a platform on React to encourage teams to get together and take part in learning more about each other or take each other on in friendly competition. They are looking for a senior React engineer who has worked with React and ideally AWS/ Firebase to build real-time interactions in a serverless environment together with one other developer from Flexiple's freelancer community.

About the client

The client is building a platform that helps bring people together with their teams, friends, or family for socializing online. Using fun interactions such as games and collaborative activities they provide the space for people to get to spend time together.

Your role

1. Your role would initially focus on delivering interactive web-based applications, including games.<br> 2. You would have to put thought into experiences that bring people together. Ideally having potentially built something similar either for a previous role or in your own time would be a plus.<br> 3. You would be working along with another developer and building highly interactive set of apps with loads of fun animations (provided by the design team) to keep users engaged.<br> 4. You would be working on the applications with a fast feedback loop to test with real customers.<br> 5. They would expect you work for 40+ hours per week.<br>

Hiring process

1. The developer is expected to share a 2 min video introduction along with the product feedback.<br> 2. Post that, a call with the Founder to discuss your past work, the challenges faced on them, if you have handled similar projects, and to share more details on the project.

Other details

1. Open to pickup NodeJS if you haven't worked on it. <br> 2. Open to learn Firebase to work independently on the apps.
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