Project Details

General information

iOS (Swift) Developer at a Mobility Company
iOS (Swift)
3 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a client who is a leader in mobility solutions in India and has a FinTech mobile app. They are looking for native iOS (Swift) developers to work on critical enhancements and fixes in their existing apps.

About the client

The client, based in India, is a leader in mobility solutions that spans mobile finance, content, infotainment, customer value management, messaging, mobile data and managed VAS services.

Your role

1. You would work with the team on critical enhancements, fixes in their existing iOS apps.<br><br> 2. You would work on developing new modules & features.<br><br> 3. You would also work on iOS SDK & API integrations with the app's backend and other services.<br><br>

Hiring process

There would be one interview by seasoned app developers. The questions would mostly revolve around the concept/ understanding of iOS development & Swift knowledge, API & SDK integration, etc.

Other details

Prior experience in the development & deployment of native iOS apps built for a large userbase would be a plus.<br><br> An Ideal candidate would have the below skills-<br><br> 1. Developed Reusable Framework using Swift – shared via Cocoapods / SPM <br> 2. Architecture used for development – MVVM / VIPER / Clean (Must be following any one of these) <br> 3. Test Strategy adopted – Unit & UI Test Cases – Having Code Coverage of more than 80% always <br> 4. Automation done in app development, continuous integration & deployment <br> 5. Screen Design experience for iPhone & iPads using AutoLayout – Preferred design approach XIB / Code – Writing reusable / custom design components <br>
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