Project Details

General information

Frontend JS Developer at a Shoppable Content Network App
React Native, ReactJS
2-3 months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is with a client building a shoppable video platform for the cannabis sector. They are looking for a ReactJS developer with React Native experience and some work on the backend too who can work with an overlap of at least 4-5 hours with the EST timezone and a ~10-hour workday.

About the client

The client is a US-based startup building a shoppable content network for cannabis, CBD, and hemp products. They need a React developer who can build a prototype, iterate features quickly and take reference designs and wireframes to turn them into a best-in-class experience.

Your role

1. You would work on supporting and improving their app that will be deployed on the App Store this year.<br><br> 2. You would execute designs for various views and screens in the app.<br><br> 3. You would manage the native execution of app screens.<br><br> 4. You would help the team in maintaining their backend services and cloud functions.<br><br> 5. You would work on writing tests for existing components.

Hiring process

A technical discussion with their Founder and a 1-week long trial.

Other details

The client would appreciate it if you have prior experience on NextJS, TypeScript & Expo. Prior startup experience would be a plus.
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