Project Details

General information

Ruby on Rails Developer at a SMB
Ruby on Rails, AWS, Postgres
3-6 months
20 hours a week
Hourly fee
The client has a SaaS tool that indexes Amazon pricing data and exposes it via a simple, two-page web app. The product retrieves data from Amazon and delivers it to 500+ users. They are looking to add a Ruby on Rails engineer to their SMB.

About the client

They have over 500 paying users and have been in existence for over 5 years. Their users depend on them to run their Amazon businesses thus, they to want to add a part-time (~20 hours a week) Ruby on Rails engineer to work with their team to manage task overflows and improve the platform on a daily basis.

Your role

1. An end to end role that could include everything from UI tweaks to diagnosing and repairing a Redis memory issue.<br><br> 2. The role will include maintenance of existing apps as well as work on new features and products.<br><br> 3. You will have tons of flexibility when it comes to technology choices.<br><br> 4. You will be an expert in Ruby on Rails/ Sinatra and be familiar with AWS (especially EB, EC2, ElasticCache, and S3).<br><br> 5. You should be able to prioritise tasks by reading production logs and respond to real-time issues.<br><br> 6. You should be familiar with the elastic stack (elastic search and kibana) as well as SQL/ NoSQL.

Hiring process

They have a 3-stage screening process and looking for to start at the earliest -<br> 1. 30-minute screening interview <br> 2. Follow-up technical interview with the lead developer <br>3. Paid test project

Other details

Some nice-to-haves include -<br> 1. Experience with service-oriented architecture<br> 2. Exposure to Golang, Redis, memcached and cron<br>3. Fluent in at least one server-side scripting language/ web framework (Ruby on Rails preferred but Sinatra, Nodejs, or Python/ Django/ Flask acceptable)<br> 4. Familiarity with at least one modern JS framework<br> 5. Experience building apps around third-party API’s
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