Project Details

General information

Ruby on Rails Developer for a US Based SaaS Startup
Ruby on Rails, Stripe
1-2 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The project is with a US Based company in the construction management industry developing a SaaS tool. They are seeking a developer with prior experience integrating Stripe and Ruby-on-Rails and in feature-development to push the product to launch.

About the client

The client is building a B2B SaaS tool, that serves a specialized part of the construction management industry in California.

Your role

1) You are expected to have prior experience integrating Stripe and Ruby-on-Rails and is someone who can focus on the Stripe-associated subscription, invoicing, webhooks, etc. parts of building the application. <br><br> 2) You will need to do some re-writing of partially-built features. This includes everything from models, views, controllers, testing, services, etc. <br><br> 3) You should be able to communicate better ways to integrate Stripe based on your experience and pitch different ideas. <br><br> 4) You may need to developed custom invoices depending on the implementation of Stripe.

Hiring process

It will be one call with the client.

Other details

1) The client uses Elements as the application has multiple subscription levels, and the users will need the option of changing their subscription-level, changing credit cards, accessing custom invoices, etc. <br><br> 2) Work of 15-40 hours/week would be acceptable. <br><br> 3) The client is flexible with a developer in another time zone with a few hours of overlap. <br><br> 4) There is an opportunity to continue further than 1-2 months if the developer works well with our team.
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