Project Details

General information

Senior Frontend Engineer at a US Based Enterprise SaaS Startup
3-6 months
40 hours a week
Hourly fee
The client is building a customer data platform (more powerful than Segment) and they are looking for help to build the frontend part of their Enterprise Application. They currently have 20 enterprise customers including AWS, Sequoia, MongoDB, and others. Also have preseed backing by Floodgate (Twitter, Lyft, Okyta, etc.) and Index's Scout Program.

About the client

The team (founded by Google alums) is currently looking to strengthen their app by building more integrations and focusing on building out a new UI to present complex customer/ company data to users.<br> Their stack includes ReactJS, TypeScript, and Python (Flask) on the backend.

Your role

1. You would work closely with their team and work on building the front-end of their enterprise application. <br> <br> 2. You would be primarily working in ReactJS or TypeScript. <br> <br> 3. You should be a senior react developer with extensive experience building scaled, performant web apps. <br> <br> 4. You should be able to dedicate 2-3 hours of overlap in the ET time zone.

Hiring process

1. Technical/ design questions to get a sense of your background/interests/expertise and approach to solving problems.<br> <br> 2. The lead engineer will talk about your past work and discuss specific problems they are facing.

Other details

1. It's fine if you don't have prior experience with Python since the client is looking for a frontend engineer to work with their team for the next 3 months or so. <br> <br> 2. The client wants to start on a full-time hourly contract and then move to a monthly one after a week.
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