Project Details

General information

Senior ReactJS/ React Native Developer at a Consumer Software startup
ReactJS, React Native
6+ months
40 hours a week
Monthly fee
The project is a with a client developing an app for collaborative parenting. They are looking for a senior ReactJS/ React Native developer who can work in the PST timezone and can attend their daily engineering standup at 10 AM Pacific Time.

About the client

The client is based in the US. They are building a social app that enables collaborative parenting and helps increase the time families spend together in real life. They currently have an iOS app in TestFlight and will soon have an Android app as well.<br><br> Their engineering team currently has four full-time remote long-term contract engineers and are looking for a ReactJS/ React Native engineer to join the team and deliver the app to their users.

Your role

1. You would build complex UI and interaction flows for the iOS app.<br><br> 2. You would work on heavy server/ API components requiring client/ server sync.<br><br> 3. You would develop the app with a multi-user/ multi-device functionality in mind wherein actions by one user/ device impact other users/ devices similar to work collaboration apps.<br><br> 4. You would need to mentor junior engineers on React Native development.<br><br> 5. Your working hours will ideally overlap with 9 AM - Noon US PT.<br>

Hiring process

A deep-dive technical discussion of your previous work and a review of a sample of code you have worked on which could be open source or from a previous project.

Other details

1. Experience in cross-platform app development would be appreciated.<br><br> 2. Knowledge of development and deployment tool-chain, building configurations, package management, release process, etc. would be a plus.
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