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Did Tinder start like a traditional startup? 👫


Hope the past week was good. Working from home is surely not easy and can get boring sometimes. Even I find myself to be a less sane version of what I was earlier last week 😑.

To ease a bit of that boredom, enjoy my side project where you can chat with Trump :-). Do let me know what you think about it!

Anyway, let me get to the story that you might be waiting for.


Hackathon into a billion-dollar company‍

Do you know of a billion-dollar company that made a world-class app in 3 weeks? What's more, it all started as a Hackathon Project!

I know the subject line is a giveaway, but it's none other than Tinder by Sean Rad.

With over 10 million everyday users and a mind-boggling 20 billion matches made, it's hard to imagine that Tinder originally started out as Matchbox, a Hackathon project.

Rad, a serial entrepreneur, immediately saw the potential his app had after he won the Hackathon with it, and within 3 weeks, built a launch-ready product.

Want to read more about Sean Rad and his journey with Tinder? Just click here: Sean Rad's story.

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