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Introducing Scale - one new open-source, high-quality illustration each day

I started the Flexiple Side Projects initiative to find ways to add value to entrepreneurs - existing and aspiring ones. You already know about three projects we launched: Founder origin stories, Remote Clan and, of course, Entrepreneur's Musings.

Today, I bring to you the most ambitious project I have taken up to date. It's called Scale. The promise is simple. A new, free, open-source, high-quality illustration each day. Easily adapt the illustrations to your brand style using our colour picker. Oh and if it wasn't already clear, you can use them without any attribution!

As an entrepreneur myself, I have found custom illustrations costly. Further, quality visual designers are tough to find. Also sometimes you just want to beautify your product pages or sparkle your marketing collaterals.

Now, you can do all of that for free - keep your two kidneys intact :P.


What can you expect from Scale?

To know more about Scale, do visit the website. To help this project and also receive updates, please support me on Twitter.

Also, apart from the promise of a new illustration each day, these are the next items on the roadmap:


‍1. Gender options

‍We already have a good mix of male and female characters in our collection. But for single-character illustrations, we will also be introducing a gender option. Here is an example: Female illustration, Male illustration.‍


2. Skin colour options

‍Beyond diversity in gender, we currently also have characters across different skin tones. We plan to add a colour picker so that you can change the look of the characters for your illustration!‍


3. Illustration packs

‍We don't want to stop with just making beautiful illustrations. The next step is to release illustration packs for specific industries. We have started with the recruitment industry. We plan to next move to the remote working space. Would you like us to cover a certain industry - just tweet @ me.‍


4. Other design styles

‍While we worked very hard to define the current design style, we don't want to be bound to a single design style. We will be launching illustrations in alternate design styles too :-)


Well, I do have many more ideas to make Scale your internal design team. But let me not overwhelm you immediatetly. I will keep writing about it on Twitter - so, to stay updated, do follow me there!